Everything To Know About Destiny 2 New Weapons And Vault Of Glass Master Difficulty Boost

Everything To Know About Destiny 2 New Weapons And Vault Of Glass Master Difficulty Boost

Remember these bit of news from Guardians 4 u

prestige vault of glass master hard mode

An additional Tuesday means an additional Destiny 2 reset. This specific reset, on the other hand, is accompanied with a significant number of weapon and raid changes. Below are the details on the Vault of Glass Master difficulty and the reprinted Dreaming City and Moon weapons that will be available in Destiny 2.

Vault of Glass Master Difficulty Boost

Those who haven’t dipped their toes into the Destiny 2 endgame previously will not find the Master difficulty raid to be a “walk in the park,” according to Bungie. Although there is no formal requirement for power level, Bungie has said that opponents will have a power level of 1350 or above. They have also said that opponents would be more difficult to kill and will be more aggressive in their approach. Guardians will also have to keep an eye out for additional Champions, as well as cope with a greater number of modifiers, in the coming months.

The Vault of Glass Ship in Destiny 2 is a ship made of glass.

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Why should you worry about the Master difficulty raid if you aren’t interested in the Fatebreaker raid Seal and title, for example? Guardians may now gain Timelost weapons, which were previously unavailable. Temporarily lost weapons are quite similar to adept weapons, which may be obtained through completing Grandmaster nightfalls and the Trials of Osiris. There is a “extra benefit in columns three and four for a little bit more personalization,” though. Each week’s task will be accompanied with a new Timelost weapon, which will be unlocked by completing the weekly challenge. After earning the Timelost weapons for the first time, Guardians may buy extra rolls of the weapons from the Timelost store. These will cost more Spoils of Conquest than your usual raid weapons, but they will be more effective.

If they wish to get the Timelost weapons, Guardians will need to finish the Master version of the raid before completing the regular version of the raid each week. According to Bungie, “Weekly reward lockouts are shared across both the Normal and Master difficulties in Valor of the Grand Alliance.” Thus, only the first time you accomplish encounters, challenges, and hidden chests in either activity each week will you be rewarded with gear.

Reissued Dreaming City and Moon Weapons on vog master boost

Weapons from the Dreaming City and the Moon that have been reissued

In the previous winter, Bungie stated that they will reissue the Dreaming City and Moon weapons with additional bonuses, which they did. It’s past time for them to follow through on their commitment to the public. The following are the weapons and their associated perks that will be included in the newest version.

destiny 2 moon weapons

Moon Weapons

  • Weapon: Loud Lullaby– New Perk: Tunnel Vision
  • One Small Step– Trench Barrel
  • Tranquility– Frenzy
  • Arc Logic– Heating Up
  • Dream Breaker– Cornered
  • Every Waking Moment– Killing Wind
  • Love and Death– Chain Reaction
  • A Fine Memorial– Adrenaline Junkie
  • Night Terror– One for All

Dreaming City

  • Weapon: Tigerspite– New Perk: Frenzy
  • Twilight Oath– Vorpal Weapon
  • Abide the Return– Thresh

It is anticipated that these weapons would be dropped by their “original suppliers on their designated destinations.” Guardians who want to get the Moon weapons will need to travel to the Lectern of Enchantment to complete the process. There, users may buy a specific Essence for use with a single Phantasmal Core. These Essences are unique to the various weapons and require the completion of a variety of goals in order to get them. Once the tasks have been completed, the Guardian may return to the Lectern to retrieve their weapon from the inventory. For example, the Essence of Brutality is required for Loud Lullaby. Players will be tasked with performing activities on the Moon, defeating 50 opponents with Hand Cannons, and retrieving the Necromantic Strand from the Hall of Wisdom in order to get the Essence of Brutality achievement.

prestige vault of glass master hard mode carry
Master difficulty VoG boost

The weapons of the Dreaming City are a bit more difficult to come by than the other weapons. They may be obtained through completing daily and weekly bounties from Petra Venj, Ascendant Challenges, Blind Well runs, and Shattered Throne runs, as well as other activities. The fact that certain weapons are included in the pool of potential equipment does not ensure that you will get them.

Will you be farming weapons in the Moon and Dreaming City, or will you be taking part in a Master difficulty VoG raid instead? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. We are particularly looking forward to the reintroduction of Arc Logic and Twilight Oath, and we will be putting in extra effort to make it happen.

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